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Stanje: New
Proizvajalec: Ilford
Šifra: D-540351
Razpoložljivost: 5
Brez DDV: 7.16€

Film Ilford Pan F plus 135/36

Črno-beli negativ film, 36 posnetkov. ISO: 50

Črno beli film 36 posnetkov za analogni fotografski aparat.

Ilford Pan F plus 135/36

Low-sensitivity black and white film with a nominal sensitivity of ISO 50/18. In addition to its exceptional fine grain, it has an outstanding resolution and edge sharpness. These properties enable the very highest image quality and extreme magnification scales and make the PAN F Plus a natural choice when the finest detail reproduction and invisible grain are more important than high sensitivity in a film.

Format/Št.posnetkov 135/36
Občutljivost (ISO): 50
Vrsta / tip Black-and-White Film

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