Close-Up +3 filter for 77mm lenses, Marumi MC

The Close-Up +3 filter also provides macro shots with non-macro lenses and can be used throughout th..

$34.01 $65.66
Ex Tax: $27.87


Lens Filter 62mm Marumi MC UV (Haze) Wide

MC UV (Haze) filter, also suitable for wide-angle lenses, blocks UV rays that usually add bluish ton..

$37.77 $41.96
Ex Tax: $30.96


ND filter ND2x Marumi 77mm MC

ND2X MC filter reducira količino vpadne svetlobe v celotnem barvem spektru za -1 zaslonko. Primeren ..

$34.83 $72.00
Ex Tax: $28.55
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