Instructions for removal of the spiral-day bulb

Instructions for safe and environmentally-friendly removal of the spiral-day bulb

The use of a spiral daylight bulb is completely safe. In the event of a breakdown of this bulb, very small volumes of mercury vapor can be released into the air.
Due to the small amount of this release, we ask you not to dispose of the bulbs as household waste.

Safety instructions for preventing fracture Spiral-day bulbs

  • always allow the bulb to cool before replacing it with a new one
  • always receive a bulb for a plastic or ceramic base, never for glass or glass. glass tube
  • Remove the bulb from the packaging immediately before use
  • store the lamp at the end of use to secure it. suitable packaging until further use
The procedure for breaking the bulb
  • do not rely on a broken bulb - health risk by inhaling mercury vapors
  • switch off the device, disconnect the device from the mains power supply or if necessary remove the fuse
  • open the window and leave the room
  • Turn off the heating / air conditioning
  • let the room ventilate for at least 20 minutes
  • use disposable gloves for removal. In the case of carpets, the use of a vacuum cleaner is required, whereby after discarding the bag (or thoroughly emptying and wash the dish)
  • the suction of hard surfaces is not recommended, except in the case where residues on the surface remain after the cleaning has been completed
  • collect the bulbs of the bulbs into the sealed container
  • wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water after removing all shocks
  • make sure that the proper removal is done in these appropriate places

Keep in mind that these steps are safety measures and reflect best practices in cleaning the spices. If you can not take them fully, do not be worried. Spiral daytime light bulbs contain very small quantities of mercury - less than 1 / 100th of the amount than mercury-containing thermometer. If you are concerned about the danger to your health due to possible exposure to mercury, consult your doctor.