Studio accessories

Fake Ice Cubes, Reusable, Acrylic Crystal Cubes
Fake Ice Cubes Reusable Artificial Clear Acrylic Crystal Cubes Whisky, Drinks, Display, Photography ..
Camera Tripod Thread Adapter Convert Nut Screw Adapter 1/4" to 3/8"
This is a kind of camera tripod thread adapter convert screw. It is made of high quality bronze, and..
walimex Spigot Clamp Ø28mm-35mm
Product information "walimex Spigot Clamp Ø28mm-35mm"practical studio tool for attaching, e.g., stud..
walimex Spigot 3/8 inch- 1/4 inch
Product information "walimex Spigot 3/8 inch- 1/4 inch"compact 5/8 Zoll changeable spigotwith 1/4 Zo..
Tiltable Umbrella Mount With Spigot Socket
Large umbrella holder with tilt functionSpigot mount on both sides with 1/4-inch and 3/8-inch spigot..
Metal and Tube Clamp 2-fold - Walimex pro
very convenient for connecting tubes, crossbars, extension arms etc. with max. 25mm diameterfor fast..
3-in-1 Digital 18% Gray / White / Black Card Set White Exposure Balance+Strap
Great accessory to produce excellent pictures by providing precise exposureSay No to excessively bri..
walimex Studio Clip
Product information "walimex Studio Clip"powerful spring clamp an additional hand in the studio..
Usmerjevalnik svetlobe - Snoot za Walimex pro & K
Kompatibilen z vsemi bliskavicami ki so Walimex VT, VE, VC & VC PLUS serije ter Walimex K serije..
Universal umbrella and flash holder  with adjustable angle
universal umbrella holderwidth of flash mount adjustablewidth is locked into position with solid scr..
Softbox Octagon 150 cm Walimex Pro
ideal for people photographyfor round reflection in the eyeseasy setupexcellent workmanshiphigh-qual..
Set-usmerjevalnik, satovje in barvni filtri za studijske luči
Satovje z usmerjevalniki in štirimi barvnimi filtri V fotografije vpelje jasnost in svetlost &n..
Set za usmerjanje svetlobe (satovje, vratca, filtri)
Set za usmerjanje svetlobe vključuje satovje, vratca štiri filtre (rdeča, rumena, modra in transpare..
Flash and studio umbrella holders
Walimex flash and studio umbrella holders.Use your flash and make an improvised or mobile studio.the..
Walimex pro VC Set Performer 4/4/3 3SB2RS
Set with three Premium studio flashes of the VC Excellence series incl.  integrated receiver wi..
walimex Laptop and Projector Pallet for Tripods
Product information "Walimex Laptop and Projector Pallet for Tripods"ideal for video projectors, pro..
Flash and studio umbrella holders
Flash and studio umbrella holders.Use your flash and make an improvised or mobile studio.the ideal s..
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