Studio Bags, Trolley

Studio Bags, Trolley

Camera bag Walimex pro XL

Large photo bag suitable for studio flashers, umbrellas, and racksThe bag and the compartments are u..

Ex Tax: $60.87

Camera bag Walimex Studio XXL

Very large photo bag The bag and the compartments are upholstered Additional fasteners for stands Ma..

Ex Tax: $102.14

Photo bag Walimex K-E1

Large photo bag, suitable for 2 studio flashers, umbrellas and 2 stands and cablesThe bag and the co..

Ex Tax: $41.26


Studijska torba Walimex Location

Prenosna studijska torba za prenašanje studijske opreme (bliskavice, pripomočki, ...)- Nudi optimaln..

$70.57 $75.33
Ex Tax: $57.84
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