Studio tripod

Studio tripod

Mantona Turnaround 360 Automatic Rev. 2

Automatic, rotating panorama head for DSLR, mirrorless, system and digital cameras as well as action..

Ex Tax: $134.02

Mantona Video Tripod Dolomit 1100, 133cm

light and compact video tripod with Pro-Video panheadideal for use with small and light video camera..

Ex Tax: $287.84

Držalo odsevnika walimex pro z roko, 44-150cm

Držalo za odsevnik, nastavljivo, 44-150cm premeramontažna roka za 5/8 priklop oz cevnastavljiva tele..

Ex Tax: $66.53

Mantona quick release plate for video tripod Cineast I and Dolomit 1100, 1200, 1300

High quality quick release plate for video tripods Cineast I and Dolomit 1100, 1200, 1300Brand produ..

Ex Tax: $16.49

Mantona Scout max set makro photo + leg angle

ideal for macro photography with DSLR and system cameraswith sturdy Scout MAX tripod with leg angle ..

Ex Tax: $123.70

Mantona Superior S1-4015AF

Exclusively fitted ball head with high load-bearing capacity and many professional featuresMade from..

Ex Tax: $82.44

Mantona Wolverine L-12 tripod with ball head + bag

Professional, very leight, sturdy and versatile tripod made from aluminiumWith Onyx 12 ball head (12..

Ex Tax: $154.65

Metal and Tube Clamp 2-fold - Walimex pro

very convenient for connecting tubes, crossbars, extension arms etc. with max. 25mm diameterfor fast..

Ex Tax: $33.94

Protiutež drsna, 4,4kg

Drsna protiutež je primerna za obtežitev stojal, studijskih žerjavov, oz. za palice premera 3,5cm. F..

Ex Tax: $30.95

Set 3 studijskih stojal, torba

Set je sestavljen iz praktične torbe in treh stativov:1x walimex WT-806 trinožno studijsko stojalo, ..

Ex Tax: $103.06

Stojalo 3-sistemsko za foto ozadja 290, torba

Walimex sistem za ozadja 290 je bil razvit posebej za profesionalce v studijski fotografiji z namen..

Ex Tax: $164.97

Stojalo FT-8051 studijsko, trinožno, 260cm

Robustno in stabilno studijsko stojalo / stativ, na katerega lahko montiramo studijske luči, bliskav..

Ex Tax: $34.04

Stojalo studijsko-mini, trinožno, 40cm

Stabilno studijsko mini stojalo / stativ, katero se uporablja predvsem za osvetljevanje od spodaj. Z..

Ex Tax: $17.53

Stojalo WT-420, studijsko, trinožno, 420cm

Robustno in stabilno studijsko stojalo / stativ, na katerega lahko montiramo studijske luči, bliska..

Ex Tax: $61.80

Stojalo WT-806 studijsko, trinožno, 256cm

Zelo robustno in stabilno studijsko stojalo, na katerega lahko montiramo studijske luči, bliskavice..

Ex Tax: $39.15

Studijsko BOOM držalo z obtežilno vrečo, 120-220cm

Profesionalno BOOM držalo z obtežilno vrečo zagotavlja stabilno delo. V povezavi z stojalom je prakt..

Ex Tax: $93.72

Studijsko BOOM stojalo z obtežilno vrečo, 100-460 cm

Profesionalno BOOM studijsko stojalo z obtežilno vrečo zagotavlja stabilno delo z dvižno zmogljivost..

Ex Tax: $123.70

Teleskopska prečna palica 224-400 cm

teleskopska prečna palica (nosilec za ozadja iz blaga, prečni drog) (Ø ca. 3 cm)raztegljivo od 120-3..

Ex Tax: $56.69

Tiltable Umbrella Mount With Spigot Socket

Large umbrella holder with tilt functionSpigot mount on both sides with 1/4-inch and 3/8-inch spigot..

Ex Tax: $28.78

Tripod Walimex pro Ontario L

Professional video tripod for camcorders, DSLR cameras and digital cine cameras for up to an ad..

Ex Tax: $927.47

Tripod Walimex pro Ontario M

Entry level video tripod for camcorders and DSLR cameras with an additional weight of up to 8 kgWork..

Ex Tax: $566.39

Universal umbrella and flash holder with adjustable angle

universal umbrella holderwidth of flash mount adjustablewidth is locked into position with solid scr..

Ex Tax: $24.00

Universal umbrella holder + Universal Flash Shoe

universal umbrella holderuniversal flash shoe with 1/4 inch tripod mountwidth of flash mount adjusta..

Ex Tax: $24.96

Walimex pro EI-9901 Video-Pro-Tripod, 138cm

first-class Video Tripod made of aluminium alloytwo convenient quick-release plates with 1/4 inch ca..

Ex Tax: $225.94

Walimex pro GN-806 lamp tripod 215cm

Highly stable, versatile and compact lighting tripod – not just for strobe fansGround-level or mid-l..

Ex Tax: $51.58
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