Proizvajalec: Gossen
Šifra: D-456981
MPN: H260A
EAN: 4012932122145
Nagradne točke: 42
Razpoložljivost: Dobava 5 - 10 dni
Brez DDV: 350.08€
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Svetlomer Gossen DigiSky

Product information "Gossen DigiSky Exposure Meter"
  • metering of flash and continuous light with large measuring ranges
  • light metering (flat/spherical 180° adjustable)
  • film exposure meter - adjustments: photometry, filter value ... 
  • reflected light measurement 20°  
  • suitable for video, analogue and digital photography 
  • microprocessor-controlled 
  • simple use with one hand – via ring controller 
  • color graphic display – digital display in one tenth, one third, half and full f-stop increments
  • display of ambient light component
  • retractable diffuser: flat/spherical
  • radio flash triggering in a max. of 4 groups
  • Up to 3 user-defined pre-selectable configurations
  • intelligent connecting sockets
  • USB port for updating the device and for battery charging
  • automatic battery control and switch-off 
  • shutter speeds: standard values 1/8000s to 60min
  • flash measuring times (sync speeds): 1s to 1/1000s
  • incl. bag, carrying strap, rechargeable battery, charger, CD with software for device adjustment, instruction manual, warranty card
  • software of the device can be updated 
  • Top quality made in Germany!
Your DigiSky is the top of the line GOSSEN product and embodies a real multifunction exposure meter. In it an exposure meter for continuous and flash light are united. In doing so, the clear arrangement of controls and of the graphic display was kept. Functions that are needed beyond the everyday metering, can be switched on individually by the user.  
State-of-the-art microprocessor technology in the DIGISKY allows decades of Gossen light-measuring experience to be presented in an integrated, compact, lightweight and user friendly product. Due to its precise calibration, the DigiSky measures very accurately. It is convenient and simple to use. The DigiSky is suitable for both analogue and digital photography.

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