Walimex LED 500 Fluorescent Light + Lamp Tripod

with 500 ultra-bright, white LEDs

  • long-lasting – energy-saving – environment-friendly
  • low heat development
  • high shock resistance
  • 6200 K daylight
  • ideally suitable for film and video shootings as well as for portrait and product 
  • photography
  • convenient: 4 segments can be switched on and off
  • tripod connections: 5/8 inch spigot, usable horizontal and verical
  • incl. diffuser panel
  • WT-806 Lamp Tripod, 256cm
  • very sturdy and stable Lamp Tripod
  • adjusted quickly by means of quick-release lever
  • load capacity: approx. 6kg

Light emitting diodes (LED) are characterized through their longevity, stable colour temperature and constant luminance. The 500 diodes provide an excellent light output, though the heat development is reduced to a minimum. The Fluorescent Light is particularly helpful, when you would like to illuminate bigger areas such as rooms, furniture  or similar, because much more power is needed for this purpose. With 6200 Kelvin daylight temperature, the device is also suitable for video and photo shootings. The Brightness can always be adjusted through rocker switchs in 4 commensurate parts due to your requirements. The high operating frequency provides a homogeneous and soft continuous light without ‚flickering‘. The barndoors ensure a rectangular illumination and a shadow-free light distribution. Through the aluminium housing, the Fluorescent Light is very lightweight and can be stored and carried easily.

Specifications of the lamp:
  • Number of LEDs 500
  • Performance 30W
  • Brightness step-by-step dimmable 4 times
  • Colour Temperature 5600 ± 300K
  • Color Temperature adjustable Yes by color filter, sold separately, Yes by color filter, included in scope of supply
  • colour rendering index Ra >=90Ra
  • Illumination Angle 60°
  • Luminosity Daylight 0,5 m 10000Lux
  • Luminosity Daylight 1 m 3700Lux
  • Luminosity Daylight 2m 900Lux
  • Body material Metal
  • Barn Door Color Black on the inside, Black on the outside
  • Operating Voltage AC 220-240V
  • Voltage supply power supply
  • Connection Mount 16mm inclusion and 5/8 inch spigot, Ball head, adjustable
Specifications for the tripod:
  • Product Type Lamp tripod, Studio tripod
  • Material Aluminium
  • Product Color Black
  • Width 80mm
  • Weight 1530g
  • Specifications
  • Min. Working Height 1020mm
  • Max. Working Height 2560mm
  • Max. Load Tripod 6000g
  • Pack Measure 98cm
  • Fastening Tripod Connection Adapter Phillips screw
  • Connection 1/4 Inch with thread connection, Spigot 5/8 16 mm cone
  • Tripod Excerpts 3St.
  • Number of Tripod Segments extendible 2
  • Damping System Spring damping
  • Diameter 1st Tripod Segment (from below) 35mm
  • Diameter 2nd Tripod Segment (from below)Diameter 2nd Tripod Segment (from below) 30mm
  • Diameter 3rd Tripod Segment (from below) 26mm
  • Material Tripod Legs Aluminium
  • Transportation Bag, Tripod included Yes

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Walimex LED 500 Fluorescent Light + Lamp Tripod

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