Walimex pro LED Niova 800 Plus Round Bi Color 50W

  • Powerful and variable LED continuous light for photo and video projects of all kinds
  • Max. 50 W power for up to 5,900 lumens, brightness dimmable from 10-100%
  • Variable color temperature 3,200 - 5,600 Kelvin daylight, CRI = 90 Ra
  • Luminous intensity 5,970 lux / 1m, 45 ° beam angle
  • Operation via power supply or 2x NP-F batteries
  • Incl. Wireless remote control with 99 channels
  • Use freehand or on lamp tripod, incl. Handle and tripod mount
  • Additional softboxes and studio bags available
  • Ideal for portrait and product photography, Youtube shots and much more

Powerful and highly variable LED continuous light lamp
The Walimex pro Niova 800 Bi Color LED Light is ideal for photo and video projects of all kinds. Whether in the studio or mobile, this round LED light scores me your modern equipment and high light output. The Bi Color variant of the Niova 800 Plus luminaire delivers high-quality light with a color temperature of 3,200 to 5,600 Kelvin and the brightness can be dimmed from 10 to 100%. The use of multiple devices is child's play thanks to the remote control.

Extensive standard equipment
With the Niova 800 Plus Bi Color continuous light you get already out-of-the-box a complete equipment. The LED light is ideal for use in the studio as well as mobile. The lamp can be operated by power supply or by the two NP-F battery slots. The lamp can be used freehand with the aid of a handle or with a tripod mount on a lamp tripod. A diffuser disc provides for particularly soft light when needed. Operation is directly on the device or via radio remote control.

Very powerful and modern equipment
By using high-quality LEDs, this luminaire with a power of 50 watts offers a high luminous efficacy. The brightness is continuously dimmable in increments of 1% from 10 to 100%. The brightness and also the color temperature can be set directly on the device or also with the help of the remote control. Thus, a fast, comfortable and extremely accurate adjustment of the light intensity is possible at any time.Thanks to 99 channels and cross-device compatibility within the Niova Plus luminaire range, handling the Niova 800 Plus Bi Color is very easy and convenient. The set values ​​can be read directly on the device and on the remote control on the illuminated displays.

Very variable light characteristic
Due to the beam angle of 45 ° (without diffuser), this LED continuous light offers a convincing illuminance of up to 5,970 lux / 1m, 1,465 lux / 2m and 648 lux / 3m, even at longer distances. The brightness of the LED is dimmable from 10 to 100% and can be set on the device itself or via radio remote control. The Bi Color version of the Niova 800 Plus is very modern and extremely versatile. In each case half daylight / white light LED bulbs and yellowish / tungsten LED bulbs are installed. This allows the variable setting of the color temperature between 3,200 and 5,600 Kelvin. Due to the variable color temperature can be entered very well on often existing mixed light. You can also give your results in photos and videos a different emphasis by using warmer or colder light. The Niova 800 Plus Bi Color comes with a white diffuser disk already 
included. With this frosted glass plastic diffuser you can make the light very homogeneous and even.

Flicker-free high quality light
The flicker-free light reproduction with a high color rendering index CRI of = 90 Ra makes this LED light interesting even for ambitious photographers and videographers with high quality requirements. Thanks to modern LED technology, this continuous light is also very energy efficient and hardly heats up.

Very variable, multifunctional mounting system
The Niova 800 Plus Bi Color lamp can be used both freehand and on a lamp tripod. The light can be mounted by 5/8 inch spigot (16mm pin) connection on any standard lamp tripod or a ceiling mount. The tripod mount has a tilt angle adjustment and recordings for reflex and translucent screens. For mobile use, the lamp also has a handle.

Operation via power supply or battery
The Niova 800 Plus lamp is ideal for use in the studio as well as mobile. When used with the power supply, a 9-meter connection cable ensures freedom in the choice of the socket. The lamp can alternatively be operated with the two NP-F battery slots. The batteries of the Sony NP-F series (or compatible batteries) are very powerful and cost-effective. Both NP-F 750 and NP-F 960 or 970 batteries can be used and provide hours of use even in mobile use.

Numerous matching accessories available
On the housing of the Niova 800 Plus Bi Color are holders for mounting separate softboxes. With these softboxes, this energy-saving and modern LED becomes a real alternative to familiar softboxes with energy-saving lamps. So you can enjoy all the benefits of this new technology and also get the opportunity to generate a very large and even illumination of your objects.

General Information
  • length 235mm
  • width 235mm
  • height 70mm
  • weight 780g
  • Technical specifications
  • Illuminant type professional photo-video LED
  • Number of LED 800
  • Number of bulbs white light 400
  • Number of lamps warm light 400
  • Power (Watt) 50W
  • Device dimmable Yes
  • Brightness infinitely dimmable Daylight 10-100%, Bi Color 10-100%, Yes
  • Color temperature 3200-5600 K
  • Bi Color Function Yes
  • Color temperature adjustable Yes
  • Color Rendering Index (CRI) = 90Ra
  • Radiation angle 45 ° without diffuser lens, variable by additional use 
  • diffuser / light flaps
  • Luminous flux max. 5.900lm
  • Lifetime bulbs in hours 50000h
  • Luminosity combined 1 m 5970Lux
  • Luminous intensity combined 2 m 1465Lux
  • Luminosity combined 3 m 648Lux
  • Material housing plastic
  • Diameter illuminated area 210mm
  • Display Type Yes, Digital LCD, Illuminated
  • tilt Yes
  • Operating voltage DC 13 - 19 V
  • Power supply battery or DC IN, battery, power supply
  • Power adapter included Yes
  • Carrying bag Luminaire included No, Sold separately
  • Battery Mounts on the device 2x NP-F
  • Battery charger incl. No, Sold separately
  • Number of rechargeable batteries included. No
  • Compatible battery models NP-F, NP-F 750, NP-F 960, NP-F 970, NP-F 990
  • Connection bracket 16mm spigot (5/8 inch spigot)
  • Diffuser discs included Yes, daylight
  • Weight device without accessories 780
  • Weight bracket 95g, 140g
  • Weight power supply and cable 505g
  • Weight diffuser 93 g
  • Remote control Yes, wireless
  • Frequency remote control 2.4 GHz
  • Range remote = 50 m
  • Length of power cable 9 m, incl. power adapter
  • Input voltage AC adapter AC 100 - 240V
  • Output voltage power supply DC 15V 4A

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Walimex pro LED Niova 800 Plus Round Bi Color 50W

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