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Hoya Pro1 Digital Filter UV, 62mm

- lens filter (UV filter)- Multilayer coating- for the ostrich and clean shots- high quality glass l..

$34.09 $45.88
Ex Tax: $27.94

Hoya protector filter, 62mm

- lens filter- Multilayer coating- for sharp and clean clips- it's neutral color- the perfect protec..

Ex Tax: $27.94

Kaiser Wide-Angle Lens Hood 62mm


Ex Tax: $4.51


Lens Filter 62mm Marumi MC UV (Haze) Wide

MC UV (Haze) filter, also suitable for wide-angle lenses, blocks UV rays that usually add bluish ton..

$37.77 $41.96
Ex Tax: $30.96

Lens Filter 62mm UV, Walimex, Slim, MC, Protam

- ideal for landscape photography- no vignettes- blocks UV rays- for sharp and clean shots- excellen..

Ex Tax: $18.51

UV filter 62mm Walimex, Slim, MC

- idealno za pokrajinsko fotografijo- brez vinjetiranja- blokira UV žarke- za ostre in čiste posnetk..

Ex Tax: $10.31
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